MrBeast Burger Chain Now Available In The UK

MrBeast Burger, founded by one of YouTube's most-subscribed profiles MrBeast, has this month opened five London locations following its launch in 2020 across the Atlantic in the US. Much like in America, with a base spanning over 600 locations, food can only be ordered online via delivery services, in our case Deliveroo.

MrBeast is one of YouTube's most successful creators thanks to his expensive and philanthropic videos shared online to over 62m followers. He launched the virtual restaurant chain back in December with immediate success, driven by the sharp increase in home delivery during the pandemic. The new satellite kitchens in London are touted as just the first to come to the UK with further national expansion planned before tackling wider Europe too.

MrBeast is one of a number of celebrities who have turned to virtual restaurants focused on the home delivery market, including Mariah Carey with Mariah's Cookies.

A name in the QSR sector making a return to the UK rather than launching outright is the popular Wendy's which is set to open its first UK location in over 20 years this June. The new Reading venue is set to be the first of up to 600 locations planned around the UK. Wendy's currently has 6,700 outlets in 30 countries around the world and is famous for its square burgers, most popular in the US.

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