Muller Yogurt Debuts New Dessert Inspired Flavours in the US

Müller® yogurt is calling for time-starved mums to treat themselves to a moment – and a snack – all their own with new dessert inspired flavours. New Müller Dessert Inspired yoghurt varieties feature creamy, signature Müller yoghurt on top of a layer of fruit or caramel sauce and are served with scrumptious crunchy goodies on the side, providing the best of both worlds – delicious decadence in the goodness of yogurt.

Not only can mums revel in a moment of sanity with the delicious new flavours, but Müller yoghurt has a new national marketing campaign dedicated to mum. The #YogurtwithBenefits campaign highlights the unique attributes of Müller yoghurt in the context of real mum moments like: "Even a Rough Day Can Have a Choco Ball Lining," or "Don't Be Overscheduled and Under-Caramelised." Plus, YouTube mum-duo, The Girls With Glasses created a custom music video that spotlights a day in the life of mum, and the benefits of taking a quick break with a sweet treat.

"We're always listening to our consumers and creating products and advertising that relate to them in a meaningful way," said Brian Hannigan, director of marketing for Muller Quaker Dairy. "From providing mums with a satisfying snack to enjoy when they finally get a moment to themselves, to giving them a much needed laugh in their busy day, we believe every woman deserves a yoghurt with benefits."

Instead of spending time, money and calories on traditional desserts, grab a Müller Dessert Inspired yoghurt, all of which are a good source of protein and calcium for indulgence to feel good about:

The new flavours join the existing line-up of Müller yoghurt available at participating retailers across the US. For more information or to find a retailer, visit Connect with Müller yogurt on Facebook at or Twitter at and use the hashtag #YogurtWithBenefits to join the conversation online.