Mustering Meat From Thin Air

Our love of pushing the boundaries of what is possible with food and modern science continues to bring much amazement, with the latest work from US firm Air Protein quite literally conjuring meat from thin air.

Utilising the probiotic process of converting air based elements into nutrients, the brand is looking to accelerate the ambitions of food sustainability by creating protein without the need for soil, clement weather or light. The development itself finds its initial roots in the research of NASA, who have long since worked to find solutions which enable astronauts to sustain themselves in space, reducing the need to travel with supplies and restock while in orbit.

The process itself can be likened to that of fermentation; combining key elements, minerals and water to produce a nutrient rich flour with the same amino acid profile of protein. Therefore, making the possibilities to create the likes of cereals, burgers, pasta and beyond clear for all to see.

Not only does the work of Air Protein succeed in helping to improve the sustainability of food as a whole, but it also contributes to the reduction in resources used on a much broader scale, both in the production and distribution of the product itself.

With the world of meat free produce expanding at a greater rate than ever before and a global population which continues to see the benefits in switching to a zero meat or reduced diet, the breakthroughs in sustainability are only set to increase at a greater rate.