Nando's Set To Trial Robotic Chip Fryer From Karakuri

High street restaurant chain Nando's has been trialling an automated 'robot' chip fryer in collaboration with Ocado-backed tech start-up Karakuri as it strives to deliver the perfect chips.

Karakuri's automated /FRYR210 fryer has been developed using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the optimum frying operation, from freezer to scoop. Nando's is the first restaurant group in the world to trial Karakuri's high-precision automation that takes restaurant fry lines to the next level. The trial has provided Nando's with an opportunity to review the impact of /FRYR210 on the quality, consistency, and availability of their chips.

Cameron Roberts, Group Chief Operating Officer at Nando's, said, "At Nando's, we want to deliver uplifting and memorable experiences for our customers, with delicious quality food and good value at the heart. In testing Karakuri's /FRYR, we wanted to see how we can further improve the quality, consistency, and availability of our chips, while meeting our environmental objectives of reducing food and oil waste and reducing energy consumption."

Karakuri is revolutionising restaurant kitchens with intelligent kitchen automation. /FRYR210 is Karakuri's first automated fry line and combines innovations in hardware and software to ensure increased throughput, consistency, and quality – from freezer to scoop.

/FRYR210 combines robotics, edge computing, and hyperscale data analysis to provide restaurants with optimal production of up to 550 portions of chips per hour.

We spoke with Karakuri CTO Peter Schroder back at our 2021 Online Food & Beverage Trend Summit. You can watch the full conversation here on our YouTube channel.