National Butchers' Week 4-10th March

National Butchers' Week is upon us and they’re keen to build on the success of the previous six years. The promotional week aims to throw a spotlight on the high street butcher and give them a chance to promote their business, both to their customers and the wider community.

Ed Bedington, editor of Meat Traders Journal, which organises the week, said: "We're looking at all of the UK's butchers to embrace the opportunity this week brings, use it to your advantage and get the country talking about butchery, get them visiting your shops, and maybe even inspire the next generation of butchers coming through the ranks."

The week aims to promote butchery to consumers, positioning the butcher as the only authentic meat expert on the high street able to provide advice, information and tips and offer the highest level of service to customers. However, the week also seeks to highlight the profession in a broader way, and present the trade as a viable and vibrant sector, within which to pursue a career."

The week is again being supported by the various trade associations that represent the butchery market, the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association (SFMTA), the Q Guild of Butchers and the National Federation of Meat and Food Traders (NFMFT).

Douglas Scott, chief executive of the SFMTA, will be urging his members to embrace the week. He said: "Butchers should not be shy in promoting their businesses. National Butchers' Week is a great opportunity to snatch back the brand that is so good that supermarkets are copying it with their Butcher's Choice, Butcher's Selection, Butcher's Style. Some have their own counters, but all this is an attempt to capture the market share that butchers are hanging on to with resilience and resolve. Butchers need to reinforce the difference - personal service and advice, properly matured meat, caringly prepared by master craftsmen. Let's make the point of difference during National Butchers' Week; if you don't do it, don't expect others to do it for you."

Look out for the Butchers Shop of the Year award which will be presented this year at IFE.