National Eclair Day on Thursday 22nd June

Did you know this 22nd June is National Eclair Day? Well, now you do. And to celebrate, Melba, renowned coffee shop at The Savoy on the Strand, is set to launch a brand new dessert trend of its own with the new Icéclairs, on sale from 3rd July.

Already one of London's finest éclair specialists, Melba's new frozen treat will allow customers to customise their own Icéclairs with all kinds of colourful and imaginative toppings, sauces and glazes. The launch of the Icéclair will coincide with an elegant new look store, complete with a new coffee offering from Union Hand-Roasted Coffee and a range of artisan breads, sandwiches, cakes and lunchtime snacks, all crafted by The Savoy's pastry team.

The brainchild of The Savoy's executive pastry chef, Ludwig Hely, the Icéclairs will feature light choux pastry filled with delicious hand-made ice cream in a range of five flavours - from pure dark chocolate and Sicilian pistachio to salted caramel and wild berries. Upon picking their ice cream flavour, guests will be invited to choose from a chocolate, caramel or raspberry sauce and a dark, milk or white chocolate glaze before experimenting with toppings.

From the fun to the decadent, the toppings will feature the likes of popping candy, cookie dough and candy floss alongside caramelised hazelnuts, shortbread and chocolate crunchy pearls. Find out more about Melba at The Strand on its website.