Natoora Launches Boutique Veg Store in London

Natoora, the prominent supplier of fruit and vegetables to London's chefs, has opened a new location in Fulham which breaks the mould of your atypical grocery store. Described as the 'Aesop of Vegetables' in Wallpaper Magazine due to its look and feel, somewhat inspired by London-based cabinet-maker FincH, whose previous work includes fit-outs for five Aesop stores, the store is certainly an eye-catcher thanks to its industrial look and angular layout.

With the words 'Radical Seasonality' and 'Real Transparency' up on the walls, the statement of intent to create something different and on-trend is clear from walking through the door. And when you spot the old school record player and pile of LPs on the side you realise that a lot of thought has gone into the store fit and design, aimed at giving the consumer the feeling that they're walking into an upmarket high street retailer rather than just another vegetable store.

Another clearly visible, or actually absent aspect of the shop, is plastic. All produce is laid out naked and open, devoid of the packaging and wrapping that we're accustomed to seeing when walking the aisles of our local supermarket. This is unsurprising given the plight to remove all possible sight of plastic today due to the ever more present issues of plastic debris in the environment and in our seas. So, all in all, the new Natoora store makes a strong statement and fits well into our mega trend of 'Retail Revolution' where more and more stores are breaking the norm and throwing out the rule book.

Find out more about the Natoora brand on its website here.