Nestle Gets on the Millennials Trend Launching Unicorn Smarties We've all heard about the Unicorn trend (or craze you might prefer to call it), and now another industry giant is jumping on the band wagon, as Swiss food and drink giant Nestlé announces its new pink and blue unicorn edition smarties bags.

The treats will be available exclusively at ASDA stores across the UK for a limited time only.

Stephanie Scales, Brand Manager for Smarties, Nestlé UK, said: "Smarties is all about the colour and, if you are a fan of the colourful world of unicorns, then these are your perfectly Instagramable summer accessory for everything from road-trips to creative baking.

"And even if unicorns aren't really your thing then that's OK too because it's still the same delicious taste of Smarties once you open the bag."

We covered the trend in a blog back in March, looking at Mr Kipling's unicorn slices and Morrisons' Unicorn Madeira Cake launch, to highlight a few. What other unicorn edibles have you spotted? Let us know over on Twitter http://t.