Nestle Launches Limited Edition World First KitKat GOLD Australia

A new KitKat flavour has arrived in Australia with a limited edition KitKat GOLD - a creamy golden white, caramelised chocolate treat. It's the brand's second alternative to its hero product this year in Australia.

Speaking to News Corp Australia, Nestle's Head of Marketing Confectionary Anna Stewart explained that the flavour creation came through the company's development work in Australia. "We have a lot of fun exploring different flavour profiles, and when we tasted this one, we knew we were on to a winner. We've ensured we've got the taste of the wafer in the finger right with the right chocolate flavour to go with it," she said.

"This one is distinct because it's made by caramelising the butter to give it its distinct flavour."

The new flavour was available for sampling as a one off last week in Sydney and then Melbourne, with feedback from each of these trial runs to decide whether the new flavour becomes a permanent offering in the KitKat range.

This is the second new flavour from KitKat of late, following the popular ruby chocolate flavoured KitKat earlier this year, ruby chocolate being a new flavour profile closely watched by thefoodpeople, and one of the profiles identified by speaker Claire Clarke at our Culinary Congress this summer.