Nestlè Professional & thefoodpeople celebrate British food

“Our love affair with Great British cooking continues to rise this year with food trends experts predicting that Britannia is one trend that will rule globally in 2012. 

Fuelled on the one hand by belts being tightened and economic uncertainty driving people to seek comfort, familiarity and emotional connection, we can expect to see an even greater focus on unpretentious classic British dishes.  We’re not just talking about British dishes as we know them as this year is all about old favourites with a twist – a reinvention of the classics that will satisfy consumers’ needs to be inspired while at the same time keeping your menu fresh.

On the other hand, the Great British trend is driven by events like the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee, which in the same vein as last year’s Royal Wedding, are expected to ignite national pride and interest in all things British.  As such, we should expect a new rise in popularity of traditional ‘English food’ like fish and chips and pies together with a more general demand for an overt British regional presence in dishes and ingredients. 

Regardless of what is inspiring this trend, one thing is clear, celebrating best of British has the potential to boost your business in 2012.  We’ve teamed up with CHEF® - a brand at the forefront of inspiring creativity in cooking, with its high quality stocks perfect for forming the basis of Great British cuisine – to create this guide filled with handy hints and tips showing you how to embrace this trend to best effect”

Charles Banks - Director & co Founder, thefoodpeople

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