New Chocolatos Chocolate Drink In Ready-To-Drink Format

Indonesian food and beverage company GarudaFood has unveiled its new Chocolatos chocolate drink, its first venture into the ready-to-drink format. The GarudaFood range before Chocolatos's arrival was based on stick wafer and instant chocolate drink products, and the change follows the footsteps of Nabati Combo, which contains wafer and instant chocolate powder and GoFast, a new cereal biscuit that can be eaten on its own or turned into a cereal drink.

The new Chocolatos chocolate drink is also a reflection of the current product innovation trend of upgrading from instant chocolate mix to the convenient RTD format. This summer we covered the increase in popularity of dairy, protein-rich drinks in the fridge as quick and convenient on-the-go solutions, a category that the new Chocolatos drink falls nicely into.

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