New Coca Cola Flavour In Aus & Red Bull Goes Pink With Sugar-Free Launch

There's news from the fizzy drinks sector as Coca Cola makes a surprise new flavour addition to its range down under, whilst energy drink giant Red Bull introduces a vibrant new pink Sugarfree edition in the UK.

Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar has landed in Australia this April, taking inspiration from Korea's K-Pop music and fan mania, said to be 'fruity fantasy flavoured'. The new K-Wave Zero Sugar variety is just one of several unique flavours the brand is unveiling as part of the Coca-Cola Creations campaign, which launched back in 2022.

Coca‑Cola K-WAVE Zero Sugar originally launched in the United States, Spain, Singapore and South Korea in February before then going on sale in Australia this month. The drink infuses the iconic taste of Coca‑Cola with a burst of fruity-flavoured K-Pop magic, and aims to connect devoted fans and iconic artists alike. The striking can design inspired by the metallic, youthful energy of a K-Pop concert - including LED screen patterns in vibrant greens, pinks and purples, as well as a cross-cultural interpretation of the iconic Coca‑Cola Spencerian Script - unlocks a suite of experiences via a QR code.

Competitor Red Bull this month also unveiled an all new can in the range - the Pink Sugarfree Edition, a raspberry and forest fruits drink that marks the brand's first ever fully sugar-free drink in its Editions range.

Pink Sugarfree Edition is Red Bull's second Editions launch of the year, following the introduction of Curuba Elderflower back in February. Red Bull claims that its Sugarfree lines have grown by 24% in the past year alone.