New Condiment Creations - NPD From KRAFT Heinz

There's new sauces on the shelves from industry leaders KRAFT and Heinz this month with both opting for a smoky flavour addition to their ranges.

Heinz has made a somewhat rare addition to its Ketchup flavours, introducing the new Smokey Bacon flavour ketchup to the UK. The product description on the website says of the new flavour:

Here's the world's number one Tomato Ketchup with an added smokey bacon flavour that gives it a wonderful intensity. Add a dollop to the side of a cooked breakfast to enjoy a bright, smokey start to the day. Also makes the perfect accompaniment to your summer barbecue!

Thiago Rapp, Head of Heinz comms and brand build, said of the new flavour: 'Following the success of our Pickle Flavour Tomato Ketchup last year, we know what we're doing when it comes to launching delicious new twists to your favourite Heinz Tomato Ketchup – and this one is nothing short of sizzlingly-delicious!'

Parent company KRAFT Heinz has also gone down the smoked route with its latest condiment NPD with the addition of Smoky Hickory Bacon Flavoured Aioli. The product description says:

Creamy and oh-so flavorful, KRAFT Smoky Hickory Bacon Flavored Aioli is the perfect condiment to satisfy your craving for bacon when there is no time to fry it up. Featuring a tasty blend of seasonings and ingredients, our aioli sauce delivers delicious bacon flavor in every bite. Try our sauce on burgers, sandwiches, chicken, fries and veggies.

This smokey Aioli was one of five sauces added to its diverse product portfolio as part of the new Creamy Sauces line. Alongside the new product line, KRAFT Sauces launches its first logo change in ten years, boldly redesigned packaging, and a first-ever unified brand platform.

The line-up includes new Smoky Hickory Bacon Flavored Aioli, Chipotle Aioli, Garlic Aioli, Burger Aioli, and Buffalo Style Mayonnaise Dressing.

"In today's world, we know the kitchen can be daunting for at-home cooks as culture holds them to impossibly high standards," explains Kaitlin Roe, Brand Director, KRAFT. "KRAFT Sauces aims to show the world that you don't have to be a professional chef to make delicious food that feels good. With our new Creamy Sauces line, alongside our beloved existing offerings, KRAFT Sauces brings restaurant-quality depth, tang, and spice right to the refrigerator – empowering fans to be more adventurous in the kitchen."