New Cuisinewatching Launched On Trendhub

We're excited to launch a whole new content stream over on our trendhub, for subscribers - Cuisinewatching, dedicated to exploring the manifestation of 50+ defined cuisines in key global markets. The new service can be added to any trendhub subscription - if you're not yet subscribed but are keen to find out more please get in touch today.

The new content stream is designed to appeal most to those in food, product innovation and culinary development. Cuisinewatching dives into the detail of cuisine manifestation behind the cuisine trends framework.

"A cuisine is a style of cooking characterised by distinctive ingredients, techniques and dishes, and usually associated with a particular culture or geographic region," explained thefoodpeople co-founder Charles Banks. "What we observe is that cuisines are by no means static, they are dynamic. Chefs, brands and consumers, fuelled by our evolving social culture, media and travel, continually adapt, interpret, fuse and evolve how food and beverages from different cuisines manifest themselves. Cuisinewatching explores the detail of how."

What can we expect in the future from Cuisinewatching?

The rich gastronomic-based content found on Cuisinewatching is designed to educate, inform and inspire you and your teams by deep diving into the detail behind our annual cuisine trend predictions framework. For each of the 50+ cuisines covered we detail the level and type of influence, the key ingredients, flavours, dishes, cooking and preparation techniques, chefs and influencers to watch, restaurant to visit, publications to read and how the cuisine links to the broader tfp food and beverage mega trends. Like all trendhub content it is packed full of examples of manifestation from across hospitality, foodservice, retail and the direct to consumer sectors.

What can be found within the Cuisinewatching framework today?

We're continually building the content within the new Cuisinewatching stream but there's already a whole host of content available covering a range of global cuisines from a UK, Australian and the U.S. Discover British, Middle Eastern, Japanese, South East Asian and many more cuisines across 2021-2022, or take a look back at some of our cuisine mapping from past years too.

Discover all over on the trendhub - look for the Chefs Hat in the menu, or click here. To subscribe, contact us using the details below.