New Culture Launch Revolutionary Animal-Free Mozzarella In Collaboration With Nancy Silverton

New Culture, an American company revolutionising the production of animal-free cheese, has launched its first precision fermentation mozzarella in collaboration with James Beard Award-winning chef Nancy Silverton.

Having in 2021 set the goal of introducing its new casein-based cheese into the market, the company has lived up to its promise with the new, groundbreaking, animal-free dairy mozzarella launching at Silverton's iconic Los Angeles restaurant, Pizzeria Mozza.

New Culture's product is the first animal-free cheese to meet Silverton's exacting standards and the first to be offered on the menu at any of her restaurants, which are known for the quality of their cheeses. Silverton is the co-owner of the acclaimed Mozza Restaurant Group, which includes Pizzeria Mozza, and founded the world-renowned La Brea Bakery. Her pizzas are celebrated for their light, airy, chewy crust that has a thin, crisp outside - making them among the most distinguishable pies in the country. A focus on ingredients and sustainability is the cornerstone of Silverton's restaurants, with an elevated role for mozzarella at her iconic Mozzarella Bar.

"We always try to accommodate our guests at Pizzeria Mozza, including those with unique dietary preferences. However, we don't always have the right solution," said Silverton. "I've always been of the school of thinking that just because it's a substitute doesn't mean it needs to be anything less than spectacular. When I tried New Culture cheese, I was surprised and excited by the integrity of the product and really felt it lived up to our standards. I am so excited to offer New Culture cheese at Pizzeria Mozza."

New Culture is leading the global transition to an animal-free dairy future by making melty, stretchy dairy cheese without any animal inputs, starting with mozzarella. They harness the power of fermentation to produce delicious cheese that tastes just like conventional cheese, except radically more sustainable, healthier and better for our fragile, global food system. The company's work with Silverton marks their debut culinary partnership and a major step on the path to bringing animal-free dairy cheese to pizza lovers everywhere.

"New Culture's mozzarella is a first-of-its-kind product, and we couldn't be prouder to introduce it with Nancy Silverton, who is an iconic chef, restaurateur, baker and pizzaiola. It's quite literally the perfect pairing," said Matt Gibson, CEO and co-founder of New Culture.

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