New Global Energy Adds Moringa Capsules to its Line of Nutraceutical Products

New Global Energy, Inc., a public company focused on Aquaculture, Agriculture, and Health & Wellness, has recently announced its new line of Moringa capsules. The Company plans to introduce this specially branded line of Moringa capsules to its line of nutraceutical products, which will include drinks, tea, energy bars and other items to be sold through existing distribution contracts with The International Sustainability Group, Inc., Shining Sea Imports and to larger retail markets.

"New Global Energy has been developing nutraceutical products using Moringa, which is considered by many to be 'The Rolls Royce of All Superfoods' offering serious nutrition that radically benefits overall health in literally hundreds of ways. We are confident that bringing this new line of products to market will help accelerate the timing of our revenue growth," said Chief Executive Officer Perry D. West.

New Global Energy has successfully tested Moringa on its own farms, using the superfood as a key component of its proprietary fish feed formula, one of the cornerstones of the company's sustainable fish farming operation. In response to growing consumer demand for healthy seafood, New Global's fish formula is free of GMOs, antibiotics and chemicals and includes an optimized blend of Moringa, nutrient rich algae and a proprietary blend of other ingredients.

What is Moringa? It's one of the new breed of Superfoods, originally used as a medicinal plant as well as nutritional booster. It's present in many tropical and subtropical countries across different continents, and is jam packed with an unbelievable amount of nutrients. It trumps many mainstream nutrient sources with 25 times the amount of iron as spinach or seven times the amount of vitamin C as oranges. It is also loaded with vitamin A, several B vitamins, calcium, potassium and protein.