New GOLEAN Plant-Powered Vegan Protein Powders

America's smoothie obsession just got better with new Kashi GOLEAN Plant Powered Shakes. Designed to help nourish the body around activity, the new Non-GMO Project Verified recipe offers up to 21 grams of multi-source plant protein and superfood ingredients all in one delicious serving.

America Turns to Smoothies to Support Healthy Lifestyles
Smoothies are an increasingly common part of people's days and meal plans. A recent survey by Kashi* found that one in four Americans consume smoothies regularly and that number is even higher for active Americans (those who work out two or more times a week**). According to the survey, active Americans are primarily buying and creating smoothies to provide the boosts they need for their workouts, such as energy and protein – and are even turning to smoothies more often than other sources of protein such as nut butter, jerky, trendy meat bars or tofu.

"We know that Americans are looking for alternative ways to get the nutrition they need – whether they are hiking, cycling, headed to yoga or just living an active life," said Jeff Johnson, Kashi senior director of natural health and new ventures. "That is why we are excited to introduce the GOLEAN Plant Powered Shakes. The nutrient packed, vegan recipe and mix-and-go versatility can blend into any routine and deliver powerful nutrition so you can do the things you love."

Ingredients that #GOTOGETHER
Smoothies are a great way to create a personalised and nutrient packed snack or meal. In fact, 30 percent of active Americans drink smoothies because they can add a variety of ingredients, and they are also interested in trying unique add-ons such as matcha, kefir, beets and algae.

Kashi worked with a sports nutritionist to craft the new GOLEAN powder recipe with ingredients that #GOTOGETHER to make it easier for active bodies to get the nutrients they need – such as protein, potassium (an important electrolyte) and probiotics. The plant-powered recipe features superfoods like greens and sprouted legumes as well as unique ingredients that Americans are looking for such as beet powder, turmeric and matcha. And instead of whey or soy, the protein in the shakes comes from a multi-source plant blend of peas, seeds (hemp, chia and flax) and legumes.

Flavourful, customizable nutrition
The GOLEAN Plant Powered Shakes are available in four delicious varieties, including classic flavours like Dark Cocoa Power, Original Inspiration and Vanilla Vinyasa, and more unique flavours such as Matcha Tea Mantra great for those looking to shake up their smoothie routine. Each flavour is minimally sweetened, so they are customisable with other ingredients in a smoothie or can be simply paired with your favourite alternative milk (or even water) for an on-the-go shake. For inspiration, recipes using the new GOLEAN Plant Powered Shakes can be found on the Kashi website.