New Green Chef Vegan Menu to Deliver Meal Kits for Plant-Based Palates

Green Chef, the first and leading USDA-certified organic meal kit delivery company, has announced the launch of a unique, new vegan option. The new menu will begin shipping in the USA in early June.

Green Chef is the first USDA-certified organic meal kit delivery service to offer a completely plant-based menu nationwide. The new menu complements Green Chef's existing line-up of Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, omnivore and carnivore meal kits. As with all of Green Chef's offerings, the vegan menu is made with certified organic and GMO-free ingredients wherever possible.

"Americans are increasingly interested in trying or maintaining a vegan diet, but it can be daunting," said Michael Joseph, CEO and co-founder of Green Chef. "Some people don't have access to the right ingredients; they wonder whether they're going to be limited to always eating salads, or they worry that the food will get boring over time. Green Chef makes it easy. Our vegan menus ship with all the ingredients a home cook needs to prepare hot vegan meals with sophisticated flavour profiles, as well as step-by-step recipes that help even novice chefs make restaurant-quality vegan meals with ease. Best of all, our meal kits ship right to your door. Whether you're a life-long vegan or someone experimenting with eating vegan for the first time, we're confident you'll enjoy these protein-rich, flavourful meals."

To help make this specialised menu possible, Green Chef hired well-known vegan chef and lifestyle expert Alan Roettinger — author of Speed Vegan. Roettinger works closely with executive chef Dana Murrell and her team to create dynamic vegan recipes that align with Green Chef's culinary philosophy: meals should be bursting with flavour, quick and easy to prepare and full of real, wholesome ingredients.

In addition to providing pre-measured, natural, GMO-free ingredients — of which approximately 95% are organic — Green Chef handles much of the prep work in-house. That means that home cooks can have a delicious vegan dinner on the table in about 30 minutes.

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