New illy Steeping Packs Add to Cold Brew Coffee Offerings for Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels

As cold brew continues to rapidly grow in popularity, illy caffè, the third-generation family-owned coffee company from Trieste, Italy, committed to offering the highest quality, most ethically sourced coffee to the world, announces its new cold brew coffee steeping pack for distinguished hotels, restaurants and cafés.

Using only single origin Arabica beans from Brazil, an ingredient in illy's signature blend that is ideal for cold brew's flavour profile, the new illy cold brew packs contain 175 grams of coffee, expertly ground and precisely measured for cold brew preparation, and innovated with illy's expertise and-industry leading quality standards. Each filter bag, designed for ease of steeping, with zero waste and mess during a 12-hour brewing process, comes in a high-quality vacuum-sealed pack to maintain ultimate freshness. Average anticipated yield per pack is 2.2 litres of cold brewed coffee.

The illy cold brew steeping pack launch comes at a time when the decades-old infusion process is experiencing rapid growth, especially in the United States over the past 24 months.

"Our new cold brew steeping pack creates an easier and more practical method of brewing that provides both operational and cost efficiencies for our hospitality partners," said Barry Sheldon, COO and President of illy caffè North America. "This offering provides our customers with a wider range of high-quality, on premise consumption opportunities to drive revenue."

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