New Opening Highlights in April 2022

Each month we track the most exciting new openings across the food and beverage industry, around the world. Check out the best new spots that emerged during April from London, Sydney, Hong Kong and San Francisco.

Cedric Grolet At The Berkeley, London
World-renowned pastry chef Cedric Grolet has opened his first UK patisserie, choosing London's The Berkeley for its location. Customers can pop in to take away his signature viennoiserie, cookies, cakes and standout patisseries that include his signature trompe-l'oeil style, a classic scone. Anyone looking for a little more is able to enjoy the Chef's Counter. Whilst it's not cheap, guests enjoy a menu of signature tastings - five sweet and one savoury, all enjoyed with a glass of wine.

Find out more about the venue here.

Bottle Club Pub, San Francisco

The Union Square neighbourhood's newest watering hole is the latest from the Future Bars team who have tapped into the 1950s and 1960 for inspiration. The Bottle Club Pub centres around vintage ceramic whiskey decanters with dozens on full display on 20-foot-shelves that run along one wall. In a similar theme, the back bar houses the extensive selection of American and Japanese whiskeys and scotch, and mechanised shelves slowly rotate from top to bottom to allow the bar staff to access them.

Away from the threatre, cocktails are split into "reviving and refreshing" and "bold will hold". They can be ordered as individual servings or as a large format that arrives tableside in one of those aforementioned ceramic decanters. And with all that whiskey being passed around there is a small menu on offer with fish and chips as the star dish.

Find out more about the venue here.

Viand, Sydney

Annita Potter, previously David Thompson's right-hand woman, has opened her first solo venture. Called Viand, she isn't offering your normal green curry or papaya salads. Instead, she has launched with a tasting menu that features Spanner crab and puffed tapioca, Salted duck egg relish with scampi & sticky aged pork, a clear soup of mussels with green onions & young ginger and braised monkfish with pickled plums. An a la carte menu will be added in a few weeks whilst diners can also opt for the vegan tasting menu.

Find out more about the venue here.

Market Halls Canary Wharf, London

Following a long delay due to the pandemic, the latest Market Halls venue opened in April at London's Canary Wharf - the third venue after Victoria and the recently opened West End Market Hall. Amongst the many food and beverage vendors on site, visitors can enjoy eats from Bleak Bear Burger, Le Bab, Baoziin and many more.

Find out more about the venue on the blog here.

Juicy, Hong Kong

The Quality Goods Club crew has opened the doors to its latest Juicy, which despite its name is serving both boozy juice as well as pressed juice. That means you can choose to have an extra shot of your choice added to your Sunday morning OJ. Or opt for the Rocket Fuel which blends rock melon with turmeric and orange or O'Kale with kale, lime, pear and pineapple.

There are plenty more to choose from all set in a venue with a fun buzz to compensate for the 6pm curfew thanks to the fifth-wave bar ban.

Find out more about the venue here.


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