New Ortega Good Grains Tacos Continue the Better For You Trend

Ortega, the brand of popular Mexican food products including taco shells, taco kits, Mexican seasonings and the number-one-selling taco sauce in the United States, has been spicing up store shelves nationwide since June with two new must-try product lines. These are Ortega Good Grains Taco Shells, taco shells with unique, on-trend ingredients baked right into the shell, and Ortega Crispy Taco Toppers, crunchy toppings that add bold flavour to any dish. It's another example of what we identified as one of our mega trends for 2017-18, in 'Better for You'.

An alternative to the traditional corn shell, Ortega Good Grains Taco Shells are elevating the taco shell category, crafted with artisanal blends of real corn, unique grains and thoughtful ingredients baked into, and clearly visible within, each shell. Ortega Good Grains Taco Shells are made with whole kernel corn, giving them an authentic taste and a distinctive flavour, aroma and texture. Available in four different varieties - Blue Corn, White Corn with Chia Seeds, Yellow Corn & Ancient Grains and Whole Grain & Lentil - there's a flavour for every palate.

"The introduction of Ortega Good Grains Taco Shells satisfies the growing interest in high quality meal solutions that are affordable and accessible," said Haven Cockerham, vice president and general manager at B&G Foods. "From moms to millennials, consumers want great taste at a reasonable price. They also want to feel good about the ingredients of the food that they are bringing into their homes."

The new Ortega products fall under our Better for You mega trend, as identified in our 2017-18 trends report, with more and more brands offering a healthier alternative to popular dishes or products. Click here to visit our Trend Hub to find out more information on our trend predictions. Not a member? Get in touch to subscribe today.

Find out more about the Ortega brand on its website.