New Range of Wonky Fruit Cold-Pressed Juices Launch in Tesco

A new range of cold-pressed juices, using wonky fruit and vegetables that may otherwise have gone to waste, has exclusively launched in Tesco.

The range, called Waste NOT, will undercut the cold press juice drink market and it is hoped that within the first 12 weeks of going on sale that they will save around 3.5 tonnes of surplus/waste fruit and vegetables.

The range features the following drinks:

  • Orange, Carrot and Apple
  • Orange, Beetroot and Apple
  • Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cucumber and Mint
  • Orange, Apple, Celery and Spinach

Tesco prepared fruit buyer Jo Batty said: "These delicious juices are the latest way that we are helping tackle food waste by ensuring as much of the crop as possible gets used. The fruit and vegetables being used in the range falls outside the specifications for fresh produce and although they might not be flawless to look at they still offer shoppers a great taste. This is the juicing way of giving these imperfect fruit and vegetables a second chance!"

All of the fruit and vegetables in the drinks will be cold-pressed – which involves squeezing the juice in small batches instead of heat pasteurising it. Putting the juice under high pressure in this way maintains the freshness of the product.

The drinks, which will be sold in bottles made from 30 per cent recycled plastic, will sit in the fresh produce aisle.

The launch echoes the 'Waste Not, Want Not' topic we covered last summer in a foodwatching report. Within this we looked at the Zero Trash trend, and the increasing number of brands looking to dramatically lower their levels of waste both in food and packaging too. Read the full report here.

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