New Wave Citrus - drinkswatching feature

One of our latest drinkswatching articles takes a look at what we're calling 'new wave citrus', as citrus fruit has emerged and evolved recently across the drinks sector.

Citrus fruit has long been a key player in the beverage world - with lemon, orange and lime taking their place at the head of the table habitually. However, we have recently seen an influx of new and unusual citrus drinks to the market with novel fruits such as calamansi and pomelo taking centre stage, to name a few. Fuelled by a consumer drive for vitamin c during the pandemic and the resulting spotlight on personal health, this new wave has accompanied a drive in popularity across the board.


A cross between a kumquat and the mandarin, the calamansi fruit has become more recognised across the globe in recent times. We've seen it cropping up in a range of, from gins to calamansi-ade!


One of the more established 'alt citrus' varieties, Yuzu is rarely eaten as a fruit but more so consumed as a juice - in both alcohol and no-alcohol sectors.

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