Nitro Cold-Brew Tea Launches In Australia

Founded by Tania Stacey and Kym Cooper, East Forged have created a brand new type of beverage, possessing the familiar appearance and mouth feel of a typically refreshing pint of beer.

Having already seen COVID-19 encourage many consumers to be more conscious of their alcohol intake during lockdown, this nitrogen infused cold-brew tea looks poised to ride this new trend to the top.

Currently seen by Stacey and Cooper as the most unique alternative to alcohol in their native Australia at the moment, its origin stems from the duo's previous experience in the tea industry, knowledge which they utilised to perfect the ideal blend of tea for the nitrogen process to then enhance.

Though initially seeking to create something new for the iced tea market, it soon became clear the appeal their new drink would have to a more alcohol aware consumer in a post-COVID world.

East Forged launched its creation earlier this year, beginning with a range of three distinct flavours; Black, Green or White (infused with exotic fruits.) The focus is stated as being upon the tea itself, which comes of little surprise, given the effort invested to identify the perfect brews for the range.

Additionally, the fact these drinks contain no added sugar and less than five calories per serving, they are certain to catch the attention of those wishing to still be part of a trip to the pub without the normal sacrifice of several hundred calories after a few rounds with friends.

With a beer like appearance, feel and even taste to some extent, there is little doubt that its place within the alcohol free alternatives at pubs and bars looks to be an ideal fit for this unique creation.

At present, East Forged is available online, from selected breweries, cafés and grocery stores within the states of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.