Ocado Now Stocking Cannabis-Infused Hemp Water

Following the legalisation of Cannabis in many US states, we've seen popularity and availability of edible cannabis products rise dramatically over the pond. The trend is starting to spread, and Ocado is now stocking Love Hemp, a bottled water beverage infused with legal cannabis oil.

Love Hemp contains 2mg of hemp extract, which contains cannabidiol but not THC which is the chemical that makes you high. Cannabidiol has an influence on the release and uptake of chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, resulting an enhanced feel-good mood.

Tony Calamita, co-founder of Love Hemp Water, said: "There's a growing understanding of the wide ranging benefits of cannabis oil to health and well-being which is why we have launched the first every day hemp water product.

"Each 500ml bottle of Love Hemp is sugar free and contains 2mg of natural hemp extract. It tastes great and is naturally hydrating. We're proud to be starting a hemp water revolution."

At the end of last year, we featured the cannabis trend in our healthwatching report, identifying it as fitting in six of our food and drink trends for 2018-19: Healthier for Longer, 'So What is True?', Treasured Time, Small Batch Beautiful, and Experimental Freedom and Harnessing Mother Nature.

In this report we had a round up of cannabis and food, and the overlaps developing between the two. Read the full report over on our tfp trendhub here. Can't access the report as you're not yet a subscriber? Get in touch today to find out about joining.