Ocado To Launch New On-Pack Recycling Info Tech Trial

British online retailer Ocado is set to launch a new on-pack technology trial which will see QR codes on their fully recyclable milk bottles which can be scanned to receive detailed recycling information.

The move has been announced as a "breakthrough moment" in how online retailers tackle single-use plastic, being the first time an online-only retailer has introduced a scheme like this.

The move is being implemented to support the existing Digital Deposit Return Scheme, one that sees customers charged an additional deposit fee when they purchase a drink in a single-use container. This deposit acts as an incentive to support recycling - it is redeemed when the consumer returns the empty container to a return point.

Ocado has partnered with DDRS pioneers Polytag for a three month trial of the new packaging which offers a slightly different process to the current return scheme - rather than having to redeem their deposit in-store at a selected retail partner consumers can scan the QR code and recycle the carton in a recycling bin and redeem a deposit into their mobile wallet for doing so.

"As the world's largest online supermarket, we champion the use of innovative technology as we strive to become the UK's most sustainable grocery retailer," Ocado Retail senior packaging and sustainability manager, Laura Fernandez explained. She added: "Polytag's digital platform offers plenty of environmental and economic benefits for retailers and customers alike – it's easy to use and when used at scale, could have a hugely positive impact on the nation's deposit return scheme."