One Pot Meals

One pot - infinite possibilities. With all the extra time we've had at home over the last year we've had more time to prep and chef, but One Pot Meals still remain a great staple in our lives.

Despite the increased time at home, consumers are still looking for quick and simple meal ideas in the kitchen, particularly for those mid-week evenings when time and energy levels are at a minimum. As a result one pot meals are surging in popularity amongst home cooks - as well as one pan casseroles and tray bakes. Don't be fooled though, one pot or one pan cooking doesn't mean that it's just boring run of the mill dinners being served up - there's a raft of chefs and food writers leading the way with helpful content and inspiration on how to turn simple midweek suppers into something special ... with minimal washing up.

We recently covered the rise in One Pot Meals over in a foodwatching report. Trendhub subscribers can read the report in full here. Those yet to subscribe but keen to read more should get in touch with the team here. One Pot Meals fits into two of thefoodpeople's 2021/22 food and drink mega trends:

Elevated - It's not just one pot meals that are trending but 'elevated' one pot meals - that means staple formats like roast chicken, casseroles and curries, reimagined through a gourmet/modern/global lens.

The New Cocoon - One of the biggest drivers behind the popularity of one pot/pan meals, is the the need to 'keep it together'. Consumers are looking for simple, nutritious meal solutions that the whole family can enjoy - without fuss, bells or whistles.

One of the chefs leading the way with one pot and one pan cooking is award winning Anna Jones, who recently published her new book One Pot, One Pan, One Planet. Find out more about the book here.