Online Trend Summit 20-21

21/22 Food & Drink Trend Predictions released!

Reflecting the monumental shifts that we've seen in 2020 and expect to see on the future foresight horizon across food, drink and wider social culture, thefoodpeople launched 21/22 predictions on 24th November.

This year the 21/22 predictions were released online, across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The summit was attended by almost 3000 industry decision makers, opinion formers and influencers from over 1000 companies in 50 countries, who join to be inspired and 'make sense' of the future food and beverage trends horizon for 2021/22.

"This year was different, we felt it was important to connect with industry at a wider level, without borders, going online just felt the right thing to do this year. Making sense of the future trends in the 'Reset Era' is essential, 2021 and 2022 will shift the future of the industry. In this new era we'll think differently about family and temperance, the void left by traditional thinking will be occupied by new influencers, thought leaders and tribes. In addition we'll develop a resilience to change - how and where we purchase, how we manage wellness & hygiene and how we satisfy our need for elevated experiences. The summit was all about supporting and inspiring industry to adapt in an era of change, to maintain relevance as well as informing both strategic and tactical planning across all sectors and disciplines of industry" - Charles Banks Co-Founder, thefoodpeople

The 21/22 trends framework is made up of 1 global driver, 4 social and cultural forces, 11 food and beverage mega trends and 60 trend manifestations. To keep things simple and digestible we've created a Top 10 Trends for 21/22 - Watch Here:

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All of the speaker presentations from the 21/22 Online Trend Summit are FREE to access on YouTube in the dedicated playlist:

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