Oral Care Brand Parla Launches 'Revolutionary' Plastic-Free Mouthwash With Probiotics

PÄRLA, a brand on a mission to create oral care products which don't harm the environment or those who depend on it, has launched a 'revolutionary' new plastic-free mouthwash containing probiotics.

Defining itself as a brand that's redefining oral care for the next generation, PÄRLA offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste with its mouthwash tabs that come in 100% plastic-free containers. It's latest innovation, Mouthwash 45 With Oral Probiotics, features a unique blend of oral probiotics that actively promote fresh breath and supports your microbiome.

The PÄRLA says about the new product: 'Our carefully selected blend of oral probiotics works in perfect synergy to nurture beneficial oral bacteria. This balanced oral microbiome fosters an environment that bolsters optimal oral health, helping you maintain a sparkling clean and fresh mouth.

'The MOUTHWASH is more than a freshener; it's a dental revitalizer. Enriched with natural plant based enzymes that lift stubborn stains, it serves as an efficient cleaner for your pearly whites. Not to mention, it's alcohol-free and fortified with Hydroxyapatite, a crucial component for strengthening and rebuilding tooth enamel. Experience a smile that's not just brighter and whiter, but healthier too!'

Last November, we published a report covering the Oral Microbiome, taking a look at diet, oral care, bad breath and disease prevention - a trend which this latest product launch fits right into alongside several other trending drivers such as sustainability, on-the-go convenience and gut health too. tfp trendhub subscribers can revisit the healthwatching report in full here.

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