OREO Teams Up with 7-Eleven to Launch Exclusive OREO Hot Chocolate

7-Eleven, Inc. is teaming up with America's favourite cookie brand to launch a minty fresh product lineup, anchored by OREO Mint hot chocolate. The exclusive flavour has never been available before as a hot chocolate and 7-Eleven stores will be the only ones – anywhere – to carry the limited edition. The new beverage is another mainstream example of brands taking to the increasingly popular hot chocolate trend, one that fits into three of our 2016-17 food & drinks mega trends.

OREO Mint is the most popular "flavoured" cookie in the Nabisco sandwich cookie product line and only Original OREO sells more. OREO cookies are America's favourite, and 7-Eleven stores are one of the country's favourite places to purchase hot chocolate. Senior Category Manager Shawn Barnes thinks the retailer's exclusive on-trend flavours are one of the reasons why.

"Our customer research indicated that mint chocolate was a wanted winter flavour," he said, "so we worked with our supplier to make sure we were the only ones to have one of the most-recognised brands in our mint hot chocolate."

OREO may be a century-old brand (founded 15 years before 7-Eleven), but it is hot with the latest generations, particularly on social media. With 43 million "likes," OREO is one of the largest brands on Facebook. The delicious, timeless cookie also has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, and more than 850,000 on Twitter.

This is the second time 7-Eleven has carried an exclusive OREO-flavoured hot chocolate. In 2015, 7-Eleven stores introduced the first-ever Original OREO hot chocolate and had an exclusive on the product for six months. It was the best-ordered limited-time offer of the year.

"OREO and mint is a favourite combination for many of our fans, so we are very excited to bring this OREO Mint hot chocolate to life with 7-Eleven," said Maddie Vincent, Brand Manager on OREO Cookies.

Hot chocolate and cappuccino drinks are popular with 7-Eleven customers, making up about a third of hot beverage sales. Read the full report from our Trend Hub on the hot chocolate trend over on our Trend Hub here. Can't access the content as you're not yet a subscriber? Get in touch today.