Our latest Bi-Annual Trends Report is Here

Want to know what's been trending so far this year in the worlds of food, drink and health? Then check out our half yearly trend updates, which are now live on TrendHub!

Here, we summarise the major themes and topics that have been emerging as key trends so far this year – from January, right up to now! And within each of these, we pull out some of the most exciting products and innovations that are making waves and establishing the trend. So if you're overwhelmed by the countless new products and fast paced changes in the world of food and drink, and want a 'bigger picture' analysis of key trends and patterns so far in 2019 – look no further!

We've done the hard work for you, so make yourself a cuppa and get stuck in…. while we get started on trendspotting for the next quarterly update!

foodwatching report here.

drinkswatching report here.

healthwatching report here.