Our Round-up of Taste London

This June was the annual Taste London festival at Regent's Park, an alfresco summer feast in the park bringing a wide variety of food, drink and entertainment to the capital for all to enjoy. We cast a look at our main take-outs from June's festival.

Asian Flavour
Everywhere we looked at Taste London this year there were Asian flavours and influences to be seen. Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese ... often creative, some subtle and some classics too. We sampled Sweetcorn 'corn-dogs' from Smoke & Salt - chilli-lime tofu mayo and shichimi spice mix; Prawn toast with roasted apricot ketchup and katsuoboshi bonito flakes from Jae, the much-anticipated new restaurant soon to open from chef Jay Morjaria, and more.

One theme which definitely caught our eye was the abundance of topped breads and wraps - flatbreads, roti, toast, there was an array of flavours to choose from. We tried the Kebabs on Persian flatbread from the team at Berenjak; as well as Bala Baya's 'Laffa Couture' - Iraqi flatbread cooked over a Tabun, with smoked sticky plum, radish and chervil. Delicious.

Taste London as a concept fits in two of our tfp 2019/20 food and drink mega-trends: Satiate the Senses - with the festival being a sensory feast not just for tasting; and Better Than Wow - with chefs and restaurants being challenged to up their game at Taste London resulting in unique and creative inspirations and dishes.

Take a look at the full report from Taste London over on our menuwatching report on the trendhub, looking at flavours, formats, key dishes and more. Find out more about Taste London over on the website.