Over 2,500 In Conversation With Podcast Downloads And Counting!

This month we hit a milestone - with over 2,500 downloads of our In Conversation With... podcast series which spans over 30 episodes to date, with more to come.

Now in its third season, the podcast and its host Charles Banks, have welcomed the likes of Breige Donaghy, Former Director of Delicious Food, Co-op, Timo Boldt of Gousto, Paul Ainsworth of the Ainsworth Collection, James Strawbridge, Alessandro Savelli of Pasta Evangelists, Mitch Tonks of the Rockfish Group, Laura Mimoum of Kalideo, Hannah Carter of Oggs, Stu McDonald of Manilife, Tim Mead of Yeo Valley, Iltud Dunsford of Cellular Agriculture, Peter Greig of Pipers Farm, Emily Scott of Emily Scott Food, Mark Parr of London Log Co and, most recently, Julie Lin.

Discussions have ranged from mentors and influencers that have shaped careers, food bio-tech, what sustainability means in a restaurant, plant-based eating and regenerative agriculture to cider-making, food system reform, mindful snacking, food to go, cellular agriculture, food simplicity and seasonal recipes.

These few examples don't cover it all!

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