Pacific Foods Partners With TV Personality Nick Viall To Send Soup To The Broken Hearted

Pacific Foods, producer of organic food and beverages including soups, broths and plant-based beverages, has partnered with relationship guru and US TV personality Nick Viall for a gifting campaign with a twist.

In a recent consumer survey, Pacific Foods discovered that December is the most popular time for couples to call it quits with nearly two-thirds (59%) of GenZ and Millennials having gone through a breakup or knew a couple who broke up. And while tried-and-true coping methods like binge watching TV and time with friends remain popular, the organic soup and broth brand learned that 88% of those experiencing a breakup also reach for a bowl of soup as a source of comfort.

Setting out to nourish broken hearts, Pacific Foods has teamed up with award-winning podcast host, author, entrepreneur, and TV personality, Nick Viall, to create the new "Pacific Foods Broken Hearts Soup-port Kit." For the past 8 days consumers have been able to enter a competition for a chance to win the free soup bundle featuring the most reached for comfort food when mending a broken heart.

"Throughout my life, I've experienced the highs and lows of love and through my experiences, I've gained lessons along the way," said Nick Viall. "That's why I teamed up with Pacific Foods to curate the limited time only Broken Hearts Soup-port Kit. No matter what stage you're in post-relationship, we picked the perfect lineup of comforting soups to fit your mood and get you through even the messiest of breakups. My personal favourite? It's Not Me, It's You Chicken Noodle Soup! Nothing beats a classic, with a twist."

The Pacific Foods Broken Hearts Soup-port Kit has something to mend every heartbreak. Using data from the consumer survey that identified the most popular soup flavours to eat during a breakup, the kit taps into those results to feature three Pacific Foods ready to serve soups with an added name spin.

  • Pacific Foods It's Not Me, It's You Chicken Noodle Soup, for when you realise you're better off
  • Pacific Foods Broken Heart(y) Vegetable Soup, for when you need a shoulder to cry on
  • Pacific Foods Seeing Red Tomato Bisque, for when you're feeling hangry

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