Packaging News As Capri-Sun And Aldi Make Greener Changes To Their Drinks

An update from the packaging world as on-the-go drinks brand Capri-Sun launches its first fully recyclable pouch in the UK, whilst supermarket chain Aldi introduces its first own-brand paper wine bottles.

Capri-Sun has been on a drive to become more sustainable through it's product packaging and straws, aiming to move its entire drinks range to fully recyclable packaging by 2025. Having recently launched paper straws with its pouches, replacing the previously attached plastic versions, the brand has now taken another big step forward.

The German-owned drinks brand claims the new mono-material polypropylene pouches have a significantly lower carbon footprint than other beverage packaging. The change is said to result in a 25% reduction of CO2 compared to the current pouch.

Capri Sun Group CEO Roland Weening commented on the new packaging: "Our new recyclable pouches will offer consumers the same convenience they know and love, but with a significantly lower CO2 footprint than any other common beverage packaging.

"It forms part of our broader commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. We will continue to push our waste and energy reduction program, and we continue to wholeheartedly support the implementation of a circular economy across the whole of our industry."

Find out more about Capri-Sun's approach to sustainability here.

Also in the UK, supermarket chain Aldi has introduced two new own-label wines in paper bottles, making it the first supermarket in the UK to do so. The new bottles of Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa hit the shelves this week to coincide with Global Recycling Day.

The fully recyclable bottles are made from 94% recycled paperboard making them five times lighter than a standard glass bottle, making a big impact on reducing the brand's carbon footprint. The paper bottles are lined with a food-grade pouch to seal the wine - making a bottle that has a carbon footprint that's claimed to be 84% lower than a glass equivalent.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, says: "Shoppers are striving to become more sustainable in their everyday lives, looking for small ways to make a big difference for our planet.

Our Buying Teams are continuously thinking of how we can evolve our ranges to offer greater value and greener choices. We are proud to be the first supermarket to launch an own-brand paper bottle, helping to drive sustainable change."

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