Pam Brunton Announced as Good Food Guide Chef of the Year

Chef and co-owner of the highly acclaimed restaurant Inver, in Argyll, Scotland, Pam Brunton has been recognised as the Chef of the Year in the recent Good Food Guide Awards 2020. On our radar for her laudable style and techniques, Brunton featured in our latest foodwatching report this month - before her latest accolade that is. She's definitely the name on everyone's mouths right now.

Brunton opened Inver with her partner in 2015 on the shores of Loch Fyne following diversion into the world of cuisine from her original studies in Philosophy. She quickly rose through the industry ranks, spending time working with names such as Tom Aikens and the Greenhouse, Mayfair.

Over the past few years Inver has gained its reputation as not only one of Scotlands but the UK's best restaurants, with inclusions in the Sunday Times' Top 100 Places to Eat list as well as a Catey Award for 'best menu'. Her cooking style included techniques like fermentation, smoking and drying with a little nostalgia, humour and a touch of Dundee charm. But, it's the stories she wants to tell that sets her apart. A huge advocate of sharing stories through cooking and food, communicating a sense of time and place, it's no surprise to see her once again in the headlines for all the best reasons.

Find out more about Pam Brunton, and her restaurant Inver, in our September foodwatching report here where we take a closer look at her story, at her style, highlights and more.