Pancake Cereal

Since starting lockdown we have seen lots of trends emerging which allow people to spend time making recipes at home that can also be shared on social media. The latest of these is "pancake cereal" which has been splashed all over TikTok and Instagram.

What Is It?

Pancake cereal is really just a lot of little pancakes made from regular batter, but made miniature thanks to the help of a piping bag or squeeze bottle. The result is a bowl of tiny pancakes that can be finished with regular toppings like syrup and fruit, or even eaten with milk.

Keep It Classic

If you're traditionalist when it comes to your choice of breakfast toppings then these pancake cereals may be to your taste. Using butter, syrups and blueberries, everything about these pancakes is fairly regular... except for the tiny size!

Health Kick

If you would rather keep it vegan, or get some of your five a day alongside your bowl of pancakes - then some are using fruits, vegetables and other modifications for various dietary needs. So whatever your dietary requirements, or cravings(!)... it seems there's a bowl of pancake cereal out there for every one.

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