Pancake Day Trends 2020

With so much sweet, buttery, fluffy goodness out there and Pancake Day just around the corner, we thought it was high time to scour menus of cafes, restaurants and coffee houses the world over to bring you some of the latest pancake trends.

A familiar friend at the dessert table, the humble banana has always been a versatile ally to call upon when seeking out a new touch to a classic. Whether doused with syrup atop a stack, incorporated into the batter itself or a tasty vegan alternative; it is tough to go wrong with banana on Pancake Day.

Japanese style soufflé pancakes have become a staple of the Instagram food blogger, their popularity continues to grow, thanks to their fluffy goodness. Fill them with ice cream, pandan custard or whatever your imagination fancies.

For those who love cinnamon buns and swirls, we can confirm that their crossover to the pancake world is now official. Essentially your typical pancake, but blessed with a piped swirl of cinnamon sugary goodness before being flipped, these are the perfect solution to those who cannot go a day with their cinnamon fix.

Dutch Baby
Skillet baked pancakes are emerging as popular additions to the pancake spectrum; with their light, fluffy middle and occasional crispy edge, they are super versatile for those thinking of sweet or savoury.

A greater influence from the Far East is a growing trend for Pancake Day in 2020, with many taking inspiration from Chinese jianbing a frontrunner. Stuffed with fermented bean paste, chilli oil, meat, vegetables and a show stopping fried wonton; they are a flavour and texture sensation.

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