Pancake Day - What's Going On In 2021

Pancake kits, pancake boards, pancake cereal! A lot has been happening in the realm of pancakes over the past 12 months, and on the even of Shrove Tuesday we take a look at what's hot to give you some inspiration for pancake day.

Popular high-street chain The Breakfast Club have recently launched their first-ever delivery kit, and just in time for Pancake Day. Their new home delivery meals, titled Little Yellow Beacons of Pancake-filled Hope come laden with everything you need to feed a family of four pancake fans on Shrove Tuesday. Alongside the essential pancake batter comes maple syrup and other toppings including cherry compote and salted caramel chocolate ganache. To ensure the chef has an easy job of it, the kit also comes with instructions on how to make them just like you'd find in their restaurants.

Find out more about these great kits over on The Breakfast Club's website here.

Something that cropped up last summer during lockdown, initially on social media, was the popular pancake cereal, something that appeared all over TikTok and Instagram. It came as no surprise to us given the pancake innovations and novelty cereal trends already identified. From the more healthy bowls of mini pancakes featuring fruit and vegetables, to the candy-filled bowls more suited to dessert than breakfast, there's mini pancakes for every taste. Read more over on the trendhub in our foodwatching report on the topic from last summer.

Another topic we covered in our foodwatching reports in 2020 on pancakes was Pancake Boards, from Australia. The love for brunch down under, combined with a love of platters saw a culmination that resulted in creative Pancake Boards. Subscribers can read more over on the trendhub.

To see where we've come since last year's Pancake Day, take a look at our foodwatching report for subscribers from February 2020 covering pancake trends here.