PareUP free mobile App - reduce food waste

Save Money. Reduce Waste. Pare Up. Everyone loses when food gets thrown away. PareUp is a mobile marketplace for surplus or unsold food.

The U.S alone wastes 40% of its food, this is not only sad but it also costs America’s economy an estimated $165 billion a year. A New York based-app developer aims to prevent food waste by letting its users connect with restaurants and grocery stores to buy their excess product before it is thrown away.

PareUp’s online marketplace is launching in early August and the mobile app will be available on the Apple Store by mid-September. The PareUp creators have designed what aims to be a win-win system that benefits business and clients alike. By using PareUp’s platform, food retailers can make money by selling products that they could not donate anyway (because of regulations), meanwhile people using PareUp can get up to 50% off their favourite treats!

It is also a way to explore the city! PareUP is free to download for both users and retailers. For now PareUp will only be available in New York City but its creators are looking to expand as soon as possible.