Pasta Evangelists Opening UK Factory In 2023

Popular UK pasta delivery company Pasta Evangelists is set to open the nation's largest fresh pasta factory in London's Park Royal. The new site, formerly Jack Wills' HQ, will serve as a fresh pasta and sauce facility to serve the brand's expanding UK plans.

The new plans come after another year of growth for the Pasta Evangelists brand following its sale in 2021, with increasing demand for its eat-at-home dishes.

Pasta Evangelists Founder and Managing Director, Alessandro Savelli said: "We are delighted to be partnering with Clegg Food Projects to build the UK's biggest fresh pasta factory. The plan from the outset has been to design the site with innovation in mind, so we can start experimenting with even more exciting, differentiated flavours and gourmet ingredients to delight and inspire our customers.

"By investing in the latest pasta and cooking technology from Italy, we will be able to enhance the quality of our recipes and create a real step-change in our mission to redefine and elevate pasta in the UK. We can't wait to get started!"

Italian Cuisine couldn't be more relevant that it is today. We recently covered all things pasta in a December foodwatching report. tfp trendhub subscribers can access the full report here.

thefoodpeople co-founder and director Charles Banks commented: "In the face of cost of living crisis we're looking to displace and distract ourselves from issues impacting our world, we're also needing to make our money go further but still enjoy food that delivers on sensory experience – Italian has the ability to deliver on all of those needs.

"Italian can be quick, affordable and simple as well as elaborate, indulgent and decadent. It has positive associations of family, belonging and comfort at both a physical and emotional level, often triggering waves of safety and nostalgia. Despite headwinds we still want food that delivers big on sensory experience with loaded umami hits - cue an abundance of Italian associated ingredients such as anchovies, guanciale, mushrooms, parmesan, olives, tomatoes, n'duja and mortadella to name a few – there need be no flavour experience comprise when cost price Italian cooking.

"Its not only home cooks with hacks, humble classics and trattoria favourites, but also chefs that continue to embrace modern interpretations of Italian cuisines such as Phil Howards Notto, Chris Leach and David Carters Mantecca, the continued expansion of Gusto Italian and Bancone, the launch Jamie's Pasta Dreams and look out for Big Mama in Kensington early 2023."

All of this and much, much more make 'Mama Mia' a TFP trend influence of significance for 2023.