Pecan Pizza Pie Mashup Launched This Thanksgiving

Each year we witness a range of exciting, and sometimes extraordinary, creations across food and drink to celebrate Thanksgiving in America. This year is no different. We found this interesting pecan pizza pie mash up from the holiday celebration's classic dessert in a pizza format.

The creation comes from a collaboration between the American Pecan Promotion Board and pizza chain Tony Boloney's. The new combo features a buttermilk pizza crust, bourbon-infused tomato sauce, mozzarella, fennel-dusted pepperoni-flavoured pecans, all topped with a spicy balsamic pecan pie glaze.

"We know that the pecan pie is a staple for so many at the Thanksgiving table, but with the tremendous versatility of pecans we wanted to reimagine the traditional pie with a pizza-fied twist for a turn-key meal before the turkey," explained Alexander Ott, executive director of the American Pecan Promotion Board.

Other interesting new flavours and collaborations we've seen this week from across the pond include, a green bean casserole sparkling water from sparkling water company Aura Bora - another play on a classic Thanksgiving dish.

The American Pecan Promotion Board serves to strengthen the position of pecans in the marketplace, maintain and expand markets for pecans and develop new use for them too. The board's assessments are used for promotion, research and industry information projects to help increase the demand for the nuts. Find out more about the company here.