Percol Coffee Presents World's Most Sustainable Pop-up

In timing with National Coffee Week this April, Percol Coffee is to bring the world's most sustainable coffee shop to Old Street Station, in the form of an immersive pop-up aimed to help coffee drinkers become more aware of sustainability.

Running from 18th to 20th April, the Percol pop-up will be serving ethically sourced coffee served in reusable cups, with customers able to buy the reusable cups on site in order to receive free coffee for the duration of the pop up if they do so. Furthermore, if customers bring their own reusable cups they will also receive a free Percol coffee.

The brand has pledged to make a difference in the fight to reduce waste, with coffee cups in particular playing a heavy role in the issue with 2.5 billion cups each year being thrown away in the UK alone.

Find out more about the Percol brand and the new pop-up on its website.