Perrier Launches Premium Beverage Range Branching Into A New Category

Sparkling water giant Perrier has unveiled a range of sparkling beverages under the brand Maison Perrier, marking a new chapter in its history.

The new collection of beverages features a selection of flavoured waters, energy drinks, mocktails and sparkling waters based on juices. Two new lines enter the market, initially on sale nationwide in Canada, with Maison Perrier Forever and Maison Perrier Chic both offering different optoins.

Maison Perrier Forever has four fruit flavoured sparkling water beverages to choose from - Forever Lemon, Forever Lime, Forever Orange and Forever Grapefruit. Whilst Maison Perrier Chic features three non-alcoholic takes on cocktails, Citrus Fizz, Roséllini and Lemonjito.

These two collections are joined by four flavours in the Maison Perrier Magnetic Juice range, combining Parrier's carbonated water with with fruit juices - Peach & Cherry, Strawberry & Kiwi, Mango & Pineapple and Lemon & Guava.

Finally, the Maison Perrier Energize line features three fruity flavours build on a base of Parrier's carbonated water paired with a blend of B vitamins and caffeine, enhanced by a refined taste of green tea infusion & natural flavours. The options include Lemon & Lime, Blackberry and Peach.

Find out more on the Maison Perrier website here.