PG Tips Launches New Tea For Non-Dairy Alternatives

Tea brand PG Tips has launched a new brew, designed to be combined with dairy-free alternatives to milk, called Perfect With Dairy-Free. The new tea follows the rising vegan trend, designed to be mixed with soya or almond drinks.

A representative from PG Tips said: "When the PG tips team spoke to tea drinkers and heard that they weren't able to get their hands on a great-tasting decaf cuppa, nor a tasty cuppa if they drink dairy alternatives, the PG tips master tea blender, Joyce, got hard to work. She tasted teas from over 20 origins in hundreds of different combinations. The result: two new truly tasty teas."

The launch came alongside another new brew to hit the shelves, with Tasty Decaf following demand for a decaf tea with as much taste as the original. With a flavour profile inspired from the PG Tips tea gardens in Kericho, Kenya, Tasty Decaf carries less than 0.2% caffeine, yet maintains the rich, fresh and round taste of a normal brew.