Philadelphia-Based Soom Foods Launches New On-The-Go Tahini Sachets

Looking to please the on-the-go market, tahini lovers Soom Foods have launched a new range of squeeze packs, designed for snacking and spreading.

The Philadelphia-based start-up, producing a range of tahini-based products, launched the new squeeze packs earlier this March in two flavours - Sesame Tahini and Chocolate Sweet Tahini. Perfect for any on-the-go lifestyle or a quick-fix, the packs are good to go straight out the pack as an afternoon pick me up or as a topping for fruit, smoothies, pretzels, and toast.

"The inspiration for the Squeeze Packs was to give more people access to our products," says Soom Foods Co-Founder and CEO Shelby Zitelman. "We believe this packaging reduces any barriers that would prevent customers enjoying the taste, versatility and nutritional benefits of our tahini products. As more consumers are seeking healthy, on-the-go options to meet the demands of their busy lifestyles, Soom Squeeze packs provide a serving of delicious tahini in an easy, non-committal portion size."

Tahini is not only a healthy option, with half the sugar of leading spreads while delivering nutritious protein and fibre benefits, the Squeeze Packs are vegan, peanut-free, dairy free and gluten free. Find out more about the Soom Foods brand on its website.