Pizza And Pasta Season Is Here As Pizza Express And Heinz Introduce New At Home Lines

As the shorter, colder days start to bite, we often turn more to comforting meals such as pizza and pasta and in line with the change of season we've seen new cook-at-home line introductions from Pizza Express and Heinz hit the supermarket shelves.

High street restaurant chain Pizza Express has introduced its new 'Restaurant Favourites' collection as it continues to transform the at-home pizza experience for its customers. The new range consists of the now premium line 11-inch pizzas as tiering is introduced, alongside improved existing 'Icons' pizzas already in the range. The new launch will also feature a new-look packaging roll-out alongside a wide-scale marketing campaign.

The three 'Icons' already in the range are the 9-inch American, Margherita and Sloppy Giuseppe, each of which have been tweaked to be even closer to the restaurant equivalent. Whilst the new premium 11-inch options include Margherita Formaggi, Pollo ad Astra, La Reine, American Hot, Hawaiian and Pollo American, all of which use restaurant quality ingredients to bring customer favourites to your home.

Pizza Express Retail Director, Rich Mills, said: "For over 20 years we've been selling pizza with pizzazz in supermarkets across the UK and Ireland with a range that uniquely taps into nearly 60 years of restaurant heritage and allows shoppers to enjoy our iconic recipes at home.

"Our chilled pizzas are purchased by millions of customers every week and transforming the range offers our customers clearer choice and better quality – with premium ingredients used throughout that are closer than ever to our restaurant recipes."

Also new to the shelves last month is a new Tomato Ketchup Pasta Sauce from Heinz - a flavour that may polarise opinion as to whether it should even be deemed a pasta sauce at all. This limited edition introduction is made with 10% Heinz Tomato Ketchup, plus 84% tomato purée and other ingredients including vinegar, olive oil, herbs and spices.

The new introduction comes after Heinz carried out a survey on 2,000 UK consumers in which 59% of people said putting ketchup on pasta was wrong, 24% had no issue with it. 11% have tried it and 8% do it regularly.