Pizza Express Gluten Free

As of Tuesday 30th April Pizza Express are joining the numerous other Italian chain restaurants in serving gluten free options. Most of their pizza's on the classic menu can now be made using their gluten free classic pizza bases which has been certified by Ceoliac UK as 'No Gluten Containing Ingredients' (NGCI). You will even be able to finish off your meal with a gluten free brownie and wash the whole lot down with gluten free Pilsner beer! 

Pizza Express have assured the Ceoliac community that they are going to every length to avoid cross contamination; replacing all flour used to toss and stretch the dough in the kitchens with gluten free blends, separate equipment and storage as well as training their staff on the new gluten-free protocol. 

Gluten free tweeters have already urged the restaurant to create gluten free dough balls so watch this space...