Pizza Hut Announces The Return Of An Iconic Fan-Favourite From The 90s

Pizza Hut has this month announced that its famous 16'' New York-style pizza, "The Big New Yorker," will return to its menu across the United States after its initial launch 24 years ago. The iconic pizza will be available at participating restaurants nationwide for a limited-time only from 1st February.

The Big New Yorker is inspired by the spirit of New York with an XL pizza that is as big and bold as the city that never sleeps. Each 16" pizza features six oversized, foldable slices with crispy crust and bold flavours including sweet marinara sauce and Parmesan oregano seasoning on top to mimic an authentic New York pizzeria build. One order of The Big New Yorker extra-large pizza comes with double pepperoni, or one choose-your-own topping.

Pizza lovers may remember the iconic menu item from when it was first introduced in 1999. Since being retired from the menu, there have been numerous different requests for Pizza Hut to bring back The Big New Yorker. In fact, the company has seen everything from social media accounts dedicated to its hopeful return, Reddit threads and even a petition with thousands of signatures to bring the pizza back on menus.

"The Big New Yorker was a huge hit when we launched it in 1999, setting the stage for future industry innovations like Pizza Hut Melts and Detroit-Style pizza," said Lindsay Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut. "At 30% larger than our large pizza, now is the perfect time to answer our customers' requests and bring back The Big New Yorker in a big way right before the big game next month."

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