Pizza Hut's All-New Hershey's Hot Chocolate Brownie To Celebrate The Season

Thanks to Pizza Hut, cold winter nights in the U.S. just got cosier with the new limited edition Hershey's Hot Chocolate Brownie. Available while supplies last, the Hershey's Hot Chocolate Brownie is packed with three types of genuine Hershey's products – Hershey's Cocoa, Hershey's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips and Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate chips – and topped with real Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and heaps of fluffy mini marshmallows for just $6.99.

"The holidays are already an exciting and special time for families all around the country, and the new Hershey's Hot Chocolate Brownie from Pizza Hut can make this time of the year even more special," said Jared Drinkwater, vice president of marketing, Pizza Hut. "Whether you just wrapped up a long day of shopping with family, or spent hours playing in the snow with friends, the Hershey's Hot Chocolate Brownie is the perfect way to bring everyone together."

The eight-inch Hershey's Hot Chocolate Brownie has approximately 120 mini marshmallows, more than 100 chocolate chips on top and baked inside and is the newest exclusive dessert offering in partnership with Hershey. Other Hershey desserts available only at Pizza Hut include the Ultimate Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hershey's Chocolate Dunkers and Hershey's Triple Chocolate Brownie.

"Hershey's chocolate has been an iconic staple in American culture for over 100 years. We are proud to continue our partnership with Pizza Hut and deliver new, innovative and delicious ways for consumers to enjoy our chocolate products," says Herb Ring, director foodservice, The Hershey Company.

"They are the chocolate experts, and we felt it was very important to serve genuine Hershey's Chocolate in our desserts," said Drinkwater.

Always the innovator, the Hershey's Hot Chocolate Brownie is only the latest product news to come from Pizza Hut. Just last week, Pizza Hut launched the three-tier, holiday-themed Triple Treat Box which includes two medium one-topping pizzas (available on Hand Tossed, Thin N' Crispy® or Pan), an order of breadsticks or flavor sticks and a Hershey's Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie, all for just $19.99.

In addition, earlier this year Pizza Hut announced the removal of artificial flavours and colors from its core pizzas, the first national pizza company to make that commitment. The company also has the busiest website in the pizza category at Pizza Hut received the first-ever online order and was the first brand in the category to launch a pizza-ordering App. The company has also tested ways for customers to track and follow their delivery driver all the way to their door through proprietary GPS-like tracking built into the driver experience.